Expected impact of the ROAMER project

ROAMER recommendations aim to serve as the basis for improvement and innovation in mental health care delivery, providing strategies to raise the level of European mental health and well-being.

ROAMER will have an impact on:

  • Increasing high -mental health and well-being research, by developing and implementing standardised performance indicators and inclusion criteria;
  • Promoting that research across Europe by developing a comprehensive, consensus-based roadmap;
  • Integrating research results into treatment programmes and public health initiatives of promotion and prevention, not only among disciplines, but also across geographical regions and the life-course.

Research findings will ultimately be translated into improvements and innovations in care delivery, and strategies to increase Europeans’ mental health and well-being.

 S E A R C H

 2014 ROAMER's Survey
Only 10 minutes to orientate the future of mental health research in Europe.
 Survey for stakeholders

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