On a regional scale, Europe has one of the highest levels of resourcing for mental health in the world, with a good supply of trained professionals, and policies and systems coordinated to support their interventions (WHO, 2005).

In addition, the European Union policy-makers have a clear understanding of the impact of mental health problems. For almost a decade now the focus has been on a European strategy for mental health, and in particular a coordinated, proactive response directed to the design and implementation of comprehensive, integrated, effective and cost-efficient mental health systems.

Despite this, the already high burden and impact of mental disorders throughout Europe (WHO, 2001) is expected to rise, partly because of the aging phenomena, and partly because of unabated social and economic stressors contributing to depression and anxiety disorders. The causes of mental disorders and the determinants of positive mental health and well-being are elusive; what accounts for success and failure of preventive and therapeutic responses is not always clear. So, in spite of the relatively strong position of Europe, there remains a substantial gap between European mental health needs and the services to meet them.

This gap can only be properly identified through a comprehensive and integrated research strategy based on a clear perception of the breadth and diversity of mental health research.  

Therefore, projects carried out by European scientists from the field of mental health, with extensive stakeholder involvement including users, family members, carers, clinicians, and policy-makers is of key importance.

The ROAMER project, funded by the European Commission Framework Programme 7 (FP7), seeks to meet this essential need for a coordinated and comprehensive approach to the promotion and integration of research in mental health and well-being in Europe, by means of an effective and widely accepted Roadmap for the next 10-15 years, with distinct components directed to mental disorders, mental health and well-being.

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