ROAMER National Consultations Survey

2014 ROAMER's Survey on 'Priorities for mental health research in Europe'

ROAMER surveyIt is our pleasure to announce that the 2014 ROAMER's Survey for the prioritisation of advances needed in mental health research in Europe has been launched. The consultation is addressed to key Stakeholders active at national or European level, i.e. researchers, associations of individuals with mental health problems, their families and caregivers, professionals, educators and academics, national funding agencies, and policy makers.

The selection of participants has been done transparently according to several objective criteria, and an exclusive link has been provided to those invited to participate. But of course the process is still open to others who could be interested.

Only 10 minutes of your time can help to orientate next calls of the EU's Horizon 2020 programme and the future of mental health research in Europe.

The survey is closed. It was conducted during 2014 and counted with the participation of more than 700 individuals and organisations from all across Europe among researchers, people with mental health problems, families, caregivers, psychologists, psychiatrists, professionals from the public health and education sectors, policy makers, funding agencies, industry...

We would like to acknowledge all participants that made this success possible! The list of participants and the main results will be published soon!